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Obtaining a Psychological career requires 6-13 years of academic achievement, and another 1-3 years to fulfill the licensing requirements. It is an AMAZING and LONG JOURNEY in which one must not only excel but also persist through to the end. Reaching these goals prepares you for a career in the field as a Psychologist. However, if you want to practice in the private sector - YOU ARE NOT PREPARED for the realities of BUSINESS. My Psychologists in Business Programs and Services were specifically crafted - combining my 20+ years of psychological and business expertise to offer you the support you need to not only SUCCEED but also LOVE what YOU CREATE & GROW in your BEAUTIFUL UNIQUE PSYCHOLOGICAL BUSINESS.

   Dr. Lynne M. Kostiuk   

Dreams are fantastical inspirations that guide us to become MORE than we could have ever IMAGINED. 

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The ultimate place to learn everything you NEED to KNOW  to Build a Beautifully Unique Psychological Business of your very OWN. Psychologists in Business Programs will give you the knowledge and tools that will mold your passions into a thriving and fulfilling private practice where you offer your Unique Gifts towards serving your ideal clients!

I am confident that the various programs and options that I have developed will suite your specific learning needs at whatever point of business development you are facing.



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One-on-one Consulting

Take charge of the curriculum - invest in a consulting package and get focused on your specific business growth needs.


Exclusive for Provisional Psychologists who are serious about business and willing to invest their time and energy to learn and build business with Aspirations Inc. 

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Take things at your own pace - find the information with our on-demand courses that best suits your current needs.  

Professional Testimonials


Hoda Samadi, Registered Provisional Psychologist

I joined Aspirations in 2020 trained as a mental health practitioner from mainly a clinical background. Aspirations Inc. and Training Centre, under the supervision of Dr. Lynne M. Kostiuk, has reminded me of the heart and importance of connecting with prospective clients on a personal and more profound level than strictly from the vantage point of symptom management. Dr. Kostiuk thrives to help individuals find their personal power. It is from this seed of empowerment that catalyzes a transformation toward becoming fully functioning, soulful beings beyond the extension of any of their psychological limits. Training within this perspective has allowed me to grow personally and professionally to become a better psychologist, as well as a better human being.

Hoda Samadi - Registered Provisional Psychologist

Susan Eapen, Registered Psychologist

Dr. Lynne Kostiuk was my Clinical Supervisor during my 3 year journey as a Provisional Psychologist. Lynne has been instrumental in my success to becoming registered, both by being a mentor and a confident throughout my process. She has an uncanny ability to understand what is integral to becoming a psychologist and combined with her vast knowledge and skill set, I felt prepared to learn how to handle our clients and their many diverse situations. I enjoyed our conversations around clients, private practice and what keeps all of us learning and growing! I truly owe Lynne a tonne of gratitude for her guidance, motivation and overall belief in me. What I loved the most, was that her honesty with me allowed for my honesty with her. Because of this I felt comfortable asking several questions during my time with her and I was not worried about being deemed less for it. This helped me to grow exponentially. I have always been a perfectionist and sometimes it was hard for me to feel vulnerable, but Lynne's ability to ask the right questions and remain curious kept me trying to challenge myself throughout this process. This was an invaluable experience for me!

Lynne places our learning as a top priority. Although, she may be very busy at times as she likes to be on top of her game, with her teaching, learning, projects and goals, she makes certain to have time and was willing to chat through any of my doubts or nervousness. One of the reasons I chose Aspirations Inc. was to find someone that would allow me to explore my skills without feeling pressured or judged to conform. I felt I was able to really open up my passions here and as they say spread my wings and fly. When my sister in law passed away, I was devastated and I didn't think I could come back and practice. Lynne and her beautiful team of psychologists helped pick me up. Lynne told me to take it one day at a time. When I honestly felt at my lowest she encouraged me to remember why I was wanting to be a psychologist in the first place. This reminded me of what I wanted to achieve while I was here. It truly was a game changing moment in my life and I can't tell you how good it felt to have her by my side when I returned.

We grew together during this journey and just like any relationship we learned to navigate through the good, the bad and the uncertain times! Lynne gave me both the time and freedom to figure out how I wanted to practice and what I felt comfortable with, but also knew when to motivate me to see past my fears and conquer. Lynne is incredibly talented and uses her gifts to inspire. Thank you Lynne - for the opportunities you have given me during my time here!

If you are truly interested in business and are in search for an amazing supervisor, teacher, and mentor - Dr. Lynne M. Kostiuk is just that!

Susan Eapen - Registered Psychologist

Teresa Sampululu, Registered Psychologist

In 2013, I had the opportunity to join the Aspirations Inc. team. It was the beginning of my road to becoming a Registered Provisional Psychologist. With Dr. Lynne Kostiuk's assistance I was able to receive my practice permit. She assisted me with the application to the College of Alberta Psychologists (CAP) and shared her knowledge and experience of what the process would look like with regards to fulfilling all requirements. She supervised me and provided her support through the process and invested time in helping me study for the ethics oral exam. In the 2 years that I was with Aspirations Inc., I met some amazing people and developed great relationships with fellow students, provisionals, and staff. Aspirations Inc. provided me with a place to grow my skills and build confidence, while facing and overcoming challenges that presented themselves. I am thankful for the clients I was honoured to work with and who trusted me to walk alongside them in their journey. I am also thankful for Aspirations Inc. and Dr. Lynne M. Kostiuk for creating the space and support while I walked my own journey.

Teresa Sampululu - Registered Psychologist

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