Supervision of counselling & psychological skills is provided for Registered Provisional Psychologists in the process of licensure with the College of Alberta Psychologists (CAP) who have been accepted as Service Providers and are on an Associate Track with Aspirations Inc. Counselling & Training Centre. Supervision can be arranged to offer either primary or secondary supervision support. 

Primary Supervisor

Identified as the main supervisor on your Supervision Plan with CAP to provide the majority of supervision hours over the training period.

Secondary Supervisor

Identified as a supplementary supervisor on your Supervision Plan with CAP to provide a lesser portion of supervision hours to support special interests or to cover for a main supervisor when absent.

Supervision occurs over a period of 1-3 years depending upon the schedule of the candidate. Therefore, I believe that in order to have a successful outcome it is important to ensure that goals, interests, and methods of learning/supervising for both parties align. I would encourage anyone applying to Aspirations who requires supervision to first examine and reflect upon whether my style and methods are relevant to your learning style, needs and goals. 

My Clinical Orientation

I draw my clinical experience from my undergrad academic roots within a clinical psychology perspective and my graduate level academics from a counselling psychology perspective. It has been my experience that clinically, every practitioner tends to draw upon 1-3 major theoretical orientations to conceptualize and support their clients. The theoretical foundations that inform my clinical work are humanistic at their core and draw broadly from developmental psychology, marital & family systems theory, and trauma specific theories.  

My Supervision Approach 

Supervision is a process of teaching & learning in a shared space for both parties. I believe that the supervisee brings into the relationship his/her strengths, knowledge, and skills already set within a framework of understanding the therapeutic process. I have great respect for the road already travelled by those I supervise. In my approach, I empower what already exists and challenge with clear intention so that the supervisee can take risks, explore, and expand towards mastery.  I work best with those who are respectful, organized and prepared, transparent with their learning process, open to share, hold accountability and reflect upon their experiences, and able to hear alternatives.  

What I Offer

Determination of Needs

Identification of special interests, populations, specialized training/certification

Exploring modalities of therapy

Determining scheduling & supervision logistics 

Methods of Supervision

One-on-One Supervision is required for 80/107 hours. This can be met by reviewing audio/video recordings of your sessions or inviting me to attend your sessions live. 

Group Supervision is a fee based service that may be available with Aspirations Inc. team. 

Support with Licensure

Support with overall process

Documentation review and completion

Discussing tracking methods

Preparations for professional examinations

Evaluation of Progress

Evaluation is an ongoing process, however, I require 2-3 hours of live supervision at various points to support official reporting to CAP.

Baseline - When supervision commences

Mid-term - Half-way point of hours

Final - Upon completion of 1600 hours

Identify Areas of Growth

Personal Growth & Professional Growth often overlap - determining the edges on each and how these may impact clinical work and supervision

New Skill Development

Offer training on various methods and skills within my competency that are connected to the presenting concerns of your clients. 

Ethical Practice

Focus on ethical practice with clients, which brings to the forefront any ethical considerations in various aspects of your clinical work on an ongoing basis.  

Where Does Supervision Takes Place?

Supervision can occur at the location most suitable to the supervisee and the method of supervision involved.  When supervision is conducted in a live session, then it will mostly likely occur at the location where the clients are receiving their services. However, it is important to recognize that CAP does require a portion of supervision to occur at the location where the services are being offered. When supervision does not require direct client participation, supervision can occur at the offices of Aspirations Inc., via video/telephone conference or at a location agreed upon by the supervisor and supervisee.

Supervision Fee for Dr. Lynne M. Kostiuk

Base rate




All Supervision Time is Billed per hour or at 1/5th rate in 10 minute increments

  • Driving Time
  • Evaluation 
  • Any contact related to casework 
  • Records & CAP Documentation
  • Any requested or required Involvement