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Aspirations Inc. provides both psychological services and products to support our clients in addressing their psychological needs. There is a distinct difference between a psychological service and a psychological product.

  •  A psychological service  involves the expertise of a trained professional who provides personalized  1:1 therapy, or counselling in person or virtually. It is a dynamic and interactive process that tailors to the unique needs of each individual and requires a written consensual confidentiality agreement to be made between the psychologist/therapist and the client. 
  • A psychological product refers to the tools or resources that we provide to individuals for use on their own to enhance their mental well-being. We may provide several types of digital products, such as guides, e-books, courses, as well as our online membership. Psychological products can be valuable in providing information and strategies used towards a self-driven, personal growth plan set by the individual purchasing the product. Psychological products can require purchase to access or download but not a consensual confidentiality agreement. Our membership does require agreement with our Terms of Use upon joining. Group or event opportunities may be included when purchasing a psychological product. These gatherings are aimed to explore and disseminate psychological topics as advertised. Even if these gatherings offer opportunities to practice in an experiential way, this is in no way to be construed as or confused for a psychological service. 

Any professional within our company, including its founder and owners, may be involved in the leadership and creation or the distribution, display or dissemination of any of our psychological products, adhering to professional roles according to services and/or products as described herein.  We are committed to offering both psychological services and products. We believe both play a role in supporting our client's overall psychological well-being.


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