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Psychological Services

Counselling and Psychological Therapy Services has carried the weight of negative stigma for centuries, really since it’s inception, as people who were thought to need “help” were usually quite serve in the presence of their symptoms. This stigma around counselling and psychological therapy services has created some distorted thoughts about accepting or seeking “help.” Yet, we all need help…it is not a weakness or a sign of ill health… but a recognition that you are capable of a belief that will strengthen you as you grow as an individual. The truth is that we all experience struggles in our life. Knowing that you can reach out and support yourself to learn your way through these experiences exudes STRENGTH and COURAGE. 

GROW with UsYou Are Not ALONE. 

individual counselling

Grounding our Being

Individual Counselling

Youth, Young Adults, Adults, Elderly

One breath, One moment, One learning, One step at a time....Your Individual Therapeutic Journey guides you Home to Yourself. 

Taking a closer look at our self can feel overwhelming and at times even scary,  especially when within ourselves linger doubts, fears, regrets, grief,  and many other sources of pain and suffering. Yet we know that through open examination, there is a way to a brighter, more lighter way of being.

couples counselling

Opening our Hearts 

Couples Counselling

Marital, LGBTQ

Friendship, Partnership, Love, & Caring for another feeds our soul and shows us our path towards wholeness. Open yourself to Love!

Relationship love is composed of a series of complex inter-relating patterns that each partner participates to create while seeking to have his/her own needs met.  At times, these patterns can interfere with our sense of happiness and create deep wounds that turn us away from loving and sharing with our partners. Understanding these patterns has the potential to open ourselves up, fulfill us, soothe us and help us grow independently as well as within our romantic relationship.

family counselling

Embracing Connection

Family Counselling

Siblings, Parent-Child, Adult Children 

Home is where our story BEGINS. Where our inherent self is exposed, discovered, challenged, praised and shaped by our family. 

Our beginnings are rooted in our experiences of family. Our developing self relies on these experiences to understand ourself and the world around us. Parents are not exempt of the learning challenges presented within the acceptance of bearing, adopting, or caring for precious littles beings.  Family counselling can offer your family members a greater sense of understanding and trust within the family space and set the foundation for internal security and harmonious family connections.

Group Counselling

Creating Healthy Boundaries for Women

Being a Tween Girl

Powerful transformations occur when we LIFT each other up. Our groups offer the opportunity to learn, share, and GROW together.

Do you remember being taught to "go as a group" when you ventured out into public spaces. These strategies for safety are taught to us to reduce the likelihood of harm occurring to us while we are out. Group therapy offers a similar space of safety to explore and share not only our adventures from the external world but how to resource ourselves internally. Through connecting, sharing experiences, and learning from one another, group therapy allows for a unique growth process that both joins and validates the self. Making way for the self to transform through a felt sense of belonging and understanding.  

adolescent counselling

Empowering Growth in Numbers

On-Demand Courses: 

Creating Forever Bonds: Mindful Attachment

Being Tween

Creating Healthy Boundaries

Self-Love: A Deepening Journey

Emotion Regulation: De-escalate & Stabilize  

Courses can enhance our understanding and introduce us to new skills to practice to grow ourself and our relationships. 

Our online courses offer instructional information for you to learn on your own time. Provided within is structured content and skill building exercises that allow you to pace yourself and practice in real time. Learnings can be easily integrated and practiced within your daily routines. 

courses and events

Expanding Wisdom

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Dr. Lynne M. Kostiuk ranked Top Counselling & Mental Health Service Provider in Edmonton

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Dr. Kostiuk is awarded a Highly Rated status - achieving 170+  five-star customer ratings 

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2020 Aspirations Inc. Awared BEST PSYCHOLOGISTS in EDMONTON 

Fees & Billing Policies

Fees are set according to Provider Credentials and reflect the Professional Fee Schedule set by the Psychologists Association of Alberta. Our therapy sessions are 50 minutes in duration or intervals thereof. We may offer a sliding fee for those who are eligible. 


  • When using our online booking system, payment is collected at the time of booking your appointment. In this case, your payment is collected and credited to the account connected to the type of service you booked. Once you have completed your service, an invoice is created and your advance payment is applied and emailed to you for your records.
  • If payment has not been collected at the time of booking, it is due to your therapist at time of your session.
  • Credit card information is collected as part of our registration process to secure your file in case there are any outstanding charges, no show appointment or late cancellations fees. Any cancellations under 24 hours OR a failure to show for your appointment booking will incur a FULL FEE CHARGE to the credit card held on file. If credit card is not available, other payment arrangements need to be made prior to initial session to secure your appointments (e.g., cash credit or cheque to be held on account). 
  • There is a $5.00 service fee collected when processing fee's using a credit card. This fee is relative to a typical 50 minute session and may vary according to session length or bulk charges.  
  • There is a $25.00 charge for each cheque returned from the bank due to insufficient funds (NSF). If an NSF charge has been placed on your account, another method of payment is required for payment of future services (cash or credit card).
  • E-Transfers payments are accepted for sessions if received 12-24 hours prior to session times to ensure payment has been processed and therefore properly invoiced at the time of session. Your booking notification email will outline specific instructions.

**If your account goes into arrears more than 90 days, Aspirations reserves the right to place your account in collection.  You will be responsible for any and all collection charges incurred.


  • All or partial fees may be recovered through private health insurance plans.  If we cannot direct bill to any insurance company, it is the client's responsibility pay for services and to submit their receipts of service for reimbursement to their insurance company. 
  • Insurance companies make the rules as to which providers are covered and whether the provider is eligible to bill the insurance company directly. Check  with your therapist how best to proceed with insurance coverage.  
  • Please note that Sun Life and Manulife do not allow Psychologists to direct bill.
  • Fees may also be tax deductible under medical expenses on your income tax.
  • Direct Billing to some Insurance Companies and Employee Assistance Programs is available.


Billable time is considered any time the therapist spends with clients in session (in-person, phone, video), working on the client’s file (follow ups, reports, connecting to other agencies or persons on client’s request), or responding to clients via phone or email in regards to clients’ therapeutic content. To minimize your charges, we encourage you to share your information at the time of your sessions. Contact made in any form to address appointments and scheduling is NOT considered billable time.


Our appointment times are reserved for clients. Our clients are financially responsible for our scheduled time as agreed upon in our Client Services Contract.

To Cancel: We require at least 24 hours in advance. 

Failure to Cancel 24 hours in advance OR Failure to Attend will incur a full fee charge.

Grow to Your Fullest Potential