A Safe Place to SERVE in a Private Practice Setting


Let's be honest! You are AMAZING at what you do? You provide IMPECCABLE SERVICE to your clients. You have MASTERED your skills. You serve from your HEART. You help others to TRANSFORM in some way. You conduct yourself with HONOUR and INTEGRITY. Your efforts have resulted in your many ACHIEVEMENTS. You have been serving other's in the mental health field for at least THREE YEARS. You are ready to EXPAND into a private practice setting. You have less interest in running a business and MORE interest in placing your FOCUS on serving CLIENTS. You may be just the PROFESSIONAL we are looking to JOIN our TEAM. 


As a Service Provider you will enjoy the benefits of our established brand, our beautifully furnished offices, our proprietary Aspire Practice software to manage your client work.

Shared Character Traits

Our team is comprised of a collective of beautiful people who share fundamental personal attributes that engenders a professional atmosphere where  we can all safely learn, explore, share, and grow. This means that each team member is mature and capable of recognizing, acknowledging, honouring regulating and owning his/her own needs/self as well as giving space for others to do the same. 


We ignite with passion as we focus our energy to serve our clients in the private sector. We aspire to achieve our highest potential in our craft so that we can attain the greatest impact for our clients. 


We ensure that our hearts and souls are aligned with the type of services we offer, to whom, and within what scope. 


We trust in our alignment to serve others. We have confidence that we will offer our best to those that we serve within Aspirations Inc. ethically based business policies/practices.


We are each responsible for completing all administrative tasks in connection to clients within the same day as appointments. New referrals require you to initiate first response within 24 hour period of receipt.  


We consider the broader context and apply this to achieve greater understanding and openness in our work with clients and in our relationships with each other. 

Continuous lEarner

We are capable and invested to independently learn all of the policies/practices related to Aspirations Inc. business framework, including our Aspire Practice software that hosts all client related work. We are devoted to continuously learning psychological knowledge to support our service to clients.

Aspirations Inc: A Bold Vision

From our eager beginnings when we located and created our beautiful office space, our continued success is rooted in maintaining an open, creative, and expansive vision in our service to others that blends leading edge opportunities while remaining integral to our professional ethics and values. Over our years in practice, we have offered valuable professional clinical training to Masters Students and Registered Provisional Psychologists who are in the process of becoming fully licensed Psychologists in Alberta. This dedication to training has been successful in growing talented Psychologists working in various capacities within the world. These wonderful people are backed with our full confidence in their dedication, clinical skills and judgment. Her passion for training led Dr. Lynne M. Kostiuk to go beyond clinical trainings to create a specialized Psychologists in Business (PiB) training program that is aimed to support professionals who want to live their business dreams to their fullest capacity. True to our holistic approach, Aspirations Inc. has progressively brought in the use of essential oils to support therapeutic processes. A full year of development launched our Aspiring Healthy & Whole Communities Initiative that marked our 10 year anniversary, complete with a new line of apparel in support of mental health awareness. Dr. Lynne M. Kostiuk was at the forefront of technology with a decade of dedicated development before launching her proprietary practice management software, Aspire Practice, in 2020. Our next level of system development has brought forth the launching of Aspirations Inc. Store, which will sell various wellness products, as well as our mental health branded apparel. AND WE ARE NOT DONE YET! Rest Assured that our next developments will be infused with the excitement and progressive thinking that has been demonstrated thus far...who knows...you just may be a part of it!?!    

Dr. Lynne M. Kostiuk

Decades of practice has continued to ignite my passion for delivering high quality, heart-based psychological services with an overarching holistic approach. Over the years, my consistent efforts towards building Aspirations Inc. has resulted in the construction of solid business systems that have streamlined our business practices while establishing our company as a trusted and reputable brand.  


Our Clients reflect Our Passions

At our core we are a generalist practice and are privileged to support Albertans of all genders, age, and culture who are seeking ways to illuminate their strengths in order to courageously live the life that serves their highest purpose. Our team members are encouraged to pursue their own passions, which results in our members offering various specialized services and thus attracting clients who are seeking such services. Therefore, how our team members grow their professional passions is directly connected to the range of client needs that we serve.  

Acceptance Process


  • Research information our site about our company, values, and offerings  
  • Evaluate your fit - How do you see yourself aligning with us?
  • Determine your availability - Do you have varied availability to Serve our clients? 
  • Submit your application & CV for review & consideration


Determining Fit
  • Initial Virtual Interview with Dr. Lynne M. Kostiuk
  • Follow up Interview - may include an in-person office tour, or meeting team members 
  • Discuss and decide joining


Contract & Commitments
  • Contacting References 
  • Gathering specific details for contract creation 
  • Contract is signed by both parties
  • Begin your Journey with Aspirations Inc.


LOVE the Service that you Provide

What Makes Us Different

Our Practice has been established since 2008. We have rooted ourselves in community because our heart and integrity is in serving people, as we are people...in the community. We are from humble roots that share a connection to the humanity that underlies the pain, suffering and fear that interfere with personal growth. We believe in the beautiful unique essence of each person. We see the beauty even when our clients cannot. We hold space as a given human right to honour our clients as they are in their BEING. We believe in our profession and the services we offer. We have seen the power of change. We delight in witnessing the powerful transformations within our clients as they too begin to understand, see, and hold beauty in their own hearts - creating and living an integral and purposeful life.

Beautifully unique

We hold a belief that each person is Beautifully Unique.

heart & integrity

We serve from a heart based perspective that remains integral to our business practices. 


We hold space for our clients to transform into wholeness.

Service Provider Fees 

We operate with full transparency in regards to the costs of working with Aspirations Inc.  

cliNical Fees

35% - 50%

A percentage of your collected revenue from services you have provided will pay your monthly clinical fees to Aspirations Inc. based on professional license and whether you are providing services within our space or externally.


Clinical fees include the use of our highly developed, proprietary systems which make it easy for you to manage the business administrative work flow that is related to providing services to our clients.

Within our system, you will create your profile, indicate your specialized talents, and services so that we can showcase you within our system - attracting clients that match your general and unique service offerings.


  Clinical fees include a fully furnished shared therapy space for appointments, use of a telephone while in shared space, designated aspirations email, and Wifi. 

 Additional Fees 

Service Providers are required to acquire their own liability insurance, in which Aspirations Inc. is to be named as one of the listed insured parties. 

Service Providers are required to acquire and use their own electronics (phone, fax, computers, iPad etc.) in order to access our proprietary systems to manage client services.  

Service Providers are responsible for incurring costs associated towards professional business fees typical for a sole proprietor or incorporated business. 

Service Providers are responsible to acquire their own Zoom Meeting Room to offer virtual services to clients. 


If outside of Edmonton Area, Service Providers will be responsible for providing an appropriate therapy space in which to conduct in-person services.  

Key Requirements

Evening & Weekend Availability

Service Providers are required to offer evening and/or weekend appointments among their availability.

In-Person & Virtual Services

Service Provides must be flexible and available to offer in-person and virtual services to our clients.

Compatible Hardware

Our Aspire Practice software is accessed through an iOS app requiring an iPad device for all operations.

Frequently asked questions

Who can be considered a Service Provider?

Service Providers with Aspirations Inc. can be licensed Registered Psychologists or Registered Provisional Psychologists who are committed to offering high quality psychological services. A successful candidate is capable of working independently with clients, s/he will have a broad knowledge base to serve a general population, have solid clinical skills, at least 3 years of counselling experience, and may offer a unique approach or service area to benefit our clients. 

How long are the contract terms for a Service Provider?

Service Providers can have contracts of 6 months or 1 year periods. 

What clients would I serve?

Service Providers may to a wide variety of clientele that are referred to the company from a variety of sources. Eligible providers have the option to work with a variety of Employee Assistance Programs. 

What's different between a Service Provider and an Associate?

Although both roles are contracted to provide psychological services to clients that register for services with Aspirations Inc. An Associate makes a long term commitment to grow a significant and/or specialized practice and therefore becomes integral member of the company who receives different offers and benefits for the growth impact s/he creates during their years of practice.   

How is client file rights/responsibilities determined ?

Service Providers have no ownership rights to any clients scheduled and served while contracted with Aspirations Inc. All ownerships rights belong fully with Aspirations Inc. Service Providers have the professional responsibility to perform their duties in an ethical manner and according to their licence with their corresponding professional association.  

Can I offer virtual services?

Absolutely! Aspirations has been offering virtual services since November 2019, pre-pandemic. This area of practice has grown even stronger over the pandemic. We recommend you to set up your own virtual room using our branded background. Additionally, Aspirations has a zoom virtual room that can be rented out for a nominal fee if you require multiple people to join in for a session or group. 

SERVE as you GROW!