Dr. Lynne M. Kostiuk

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I want to offer a sincere thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about me! I am so grateful for the opportunity to introduce myself and some of the amazing experiences that I have encountered along my journey. The very journey that brings your curious self to this website…reading a bit about me and determining how I may support you along your own beautifully unique journey!

I wish you a warm welcome to get to know the woman behind the creation of Psychologists in Business.

My Story

Have you ever just believed that something was designed specifically for you? For example, you walk into a store, not really looking for anything in particular, and then out of the corner of your eye…you see something that catches your eye. As you turn to fully face the item, you feel a pull or draw towards it. You cannot explain it but you cannot turn yourself away, so instead you walk over to it. As you truly see it up-close – every cell in your being comes ALIVE and you feel BLISS. There is no doubt, that this item was meant for you! Even as you look at the surprising price tag, you have a yearning deep inside that gives you the courage to find a way to make that item a part of your life!  Well, that explains my attraction and passion for being an entrepreneur, a business partner, a woman in business, a leader in business, and a mentor in business.

I have always been ambitious and driven towards reaching my goals in helping others. If I saw a need, I would do my best to figure out how to achieve my goal. This determination has been a driving force at every step of my entrepreneurial journey, which I must admit started when I was in elementary school. So as a youngster, that usually consisted of selling an assortment of candy to kids in my school or running lemonade stands. As I grew up, the needs have become more expansive and so has my determination to find a way to support. As an adult, I always seemed to have a hand in business. I started by helping others with renovating and decorating their homes,  I provided research consulting to provincial and national mental health organizations focusing on patient satisfaction, and even provided in home support to families who were struggling with various emotional or behavioural concerns.

I also have a strong internal drive for justice. I believe in fairness and balance and having a voice for what you believe. I’ve always had an amazing ability to maintain a non-judgemental attitude towards others. I look right past gender, race, culture, sexual orientation, or societal status and see “human being” in all of its complexity and beauty. I think I was born with this natural ability, this  divine gift, so that I can help others see their own truth underneath all of their human experiences.

My undergraduate path initially started with a legal career end in mind. However, after the first year I realized that path may not be the best way to really help a person. Sure I could argue or spin a tale one way or another and that story may keep someone out of legal trouble. But I wasn’t interested in weaving a tale of partial fiction. I was interested in understanding and ultimately enhancing the story, which in the end enriched the lives of others. Examining the aspects of what experiences created a person and exploring what possibilities arose along the way to relieve hardship and BE LIVING in the most natural and unique way as the story unfolded. This realization directed me into the social sciences and specifically Psychology.

All of my academic research and publishing involved the study of emotion regulation in adolescents, even before that was a known or popular field term. I believe that the ability to regulate oneself is key in living harmoniously with oneself. I am not talking about repressing emotions or not permitting ourselves to feel but knowing oneself to the degree that we permit our feelings to honor ourselves and others. To be with ourselves in our own times of need, without guilt or shame, shows a love and compassion towards our self that supports to stabilize our emotions and bring internal harmony & balance to our life.

As much as I loved my many years of research and the amazing mentors I had along the way to support my curiosities, when it came time to choose my PhD internship site I knew I wanted to bring forward my academic passions and connect them to my passion for and experience in business. Therefore, I sought out a learning environment within a private psychological practice and began my very own journey to become a Psychologist in Business.

I spent four years at my chosen private practice setting. Within the first year and half, I completed my clinical training and became a Registered Psychologist. I was doubly blessed to be mentored by my supervisors in running their practice, and within the second year became an owner of the practice along with 3 others. I learned so much during this time about myself, my values and my visions for supporting others to grow into their full potential. When I was blessed with child, I stepped away from the practice for a year and during this time developed my own Beautifully Unique Psychological Business, Aspirations Inc. Counselling & Training Centre, which was incorporated in March of 2008.  For over a decade, Aspirations Inc has offered a safe place to grow into our whole truths. Whether you are a client or a budding professional or even the founder and owner, it is a place where ambitions have the opportunity to grow beautifully bright.

My Academic Credentials

2011        University of Alberta, Ph. D Counselling Psychology

2003      University of Alberta, M.Ed. Counselling Psychology

1999       University of Calgary, B.Sc. First Class Honours Psychology

My Business Credentials

I am confident that my 20+ years of experiences in Psychology and Business can offer you the support you need to move towards your business goals. I offer my unique talents mastered in the field of Psychology and focus them to craft a unique business model that captures your full potential and provides the steps that you need to build a fulfilling and thriving Beautiful Unique Psychological Business of your very own.

I have been supporting others to grow into their full potential throughout my entire career. I have taught several post-secondary classes to build basic counselling and communication skills. I have supervised Masters students during their counselling courses to build skills with their clients. I have offered post-academic practicum placements to Masters students from all over Alberta at Aspirations Inc. Counselling & Training Centre, which I founded in 2008. I have provided full clinical and business training to Provisional Registered Psychologists in my exclusive on-site PiB program. My business consulting offered to Registered Psychologists has supported growth and expansion of existing psychological businesses. I have accepted offers to sit on discussion panels at the University of Alberta to help Masters & PhD counselling students learn about the business of psychology.  I have accepted offers to deliver key note presentations to women in business. I was recognized as an expert to speak as an enlightened speaker for the Psychologists Association of Alberta’s bi-annual professional convention to present on Growing a Unique Psychological Business.

My program does not just give you the required details of operating a business but offers a personal process within a professional framework to explore, learn, and grow yourself as a psychologist. Therefore, those who choose my support have chosen to expand into their full truths and open themselves to a process that weaves personal and professional elements to reach their full potential. The process guides us through the fear-based blocks that get in the way and extracts and shines light upon the amazing talents and aspects of self that align with their healing paths.