Balancing your Life with a Business

Starting up your own business is exhausting. Having a personal life never feels like an option when you're working around the clock. There's definitely a healthy and exciting element to starting something new, but if it goes too long without a break, you could see it turn to resentment, self doubt, or even depression. Stay happy and healthy in your business life with these great tips. 

Self Care, Sleep, Health

Take some time off each week to recharge and connect with those close to you. Make sure you’re putting yourself first and you fuel yourself with healthy foods, and get that much needed sleep each night. Simple steps like these are a small, yet sure way to stay happy and balanced.

Try Essential Oils

Sometimes your day just needs a burst of energy to help you recharge. The use of Young Living essential oils can be used in a diffuser, or worn closer to the body with jewelry. It can be a subtle boost to help achieve goals or get over struggles and continue to be happy through the day.

Drop the phone

According to CIRA, 74% of Canadians spend 3-4 hours online per day. As a business owner you probably check your email more than that. Set specific times of day for checking email or marketing campaigns. The more focused you are, the more work you’ll truly accomplish. Mobile devices and tablets make it easy for us to waste time and lose focus.’s-internet-factbook-2018

Say NO

You may be tempted to constantly accept offers or attend events for your business. You don’t have to say yes to everything, and saying no to something that doesn’t benefit your business is a good strategy. Know your priorities so you know when you truly need to say yes.

Schedule Everything

As mentioned above, scheduling times to check email is a great way to stay focused. If you apply this to your personal and professional life, you may see a vast improvement in your happiness and success. By scheduling specific times, you’re put in a situation that you’re forced to stick with. Rather than postponing family game night until you’re done this “one last thing,” you have the option to put it aside and create a balanced, prioritized life as you get into the swing of things.



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