Hoda Samadi is a Registered Provisional Psychologist. He has devoted much of his life to examining psychological and human phenomena that help guide others towards their journey to achieving their fullest potential and self-development. He is concerned for the mental well-being and welfare of others by promoting psychoeducation and exploring a full range of factors that contribute to an individual’s success in overcoming their life’s limitations and challenges. Unlike in other medical professions where there may be certain surgical procedures to help alleviate specific illnesses, Hoda ensures that each case is individually tailored so that it meets the unique needs of his clients through evidence-based practices and by ascribing to the bio-psycho-social-spiritual model.  

Hoda has worked with a wide spectrum of clients, ranging from children and adolescents to adults and the geriatric population. As there are great overlaps and susceptibility to a full range of emotional and psychological symptoms, he considers a unified transdiagnostic approach in order to prevent and help those tackle both depression and anxiety. Other modalities include (and not limited to) are: Play Therapy (for children), Cognitive Therapy, Interpersonal Psychotherapy, and Behavioural Activation for depression depending on what may work best for his client. Hoda also treats sleep disturbances and couple distress while extending the quality of life for those with Alzheimer’s or dementia-related issues through Cognitive Retraining. Overall, Hoda takes great joy in witnessing his clients transform into fully functioning and conscious beings that are able to obtain a greater sense of optimal well-being and satisfaction with life.


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Are You Ready to Start a Psychological Business?

Are You Ready to Start a Psychological Business?
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