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  • Tiger Eye Gemstone Essential Oil Bracelet – 7″

Tiger Eye Gemstone Essential Oil Bracelet – 7″


Diffusing gemstone bracelet that promotes protection, clear thinking, and willpower.

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This stunning piece of jewelry consists of healing gemstones and lava stones.

The Tiger Eye Gemstone is excellent at bringing protection, clear thinking, personal empowerment, integrity, willpower, practicality, grounding. power, courage, and grace. The Tiger Eye is also known to bring luck to the wearer. It has the power to focus the mind, promote mental clarity, and assists us to resolve problems reasonably. It also dispels fear and anxiety, along with stabilizing mood swings, releasing tension, and fills us with self confidence.

Half of the Bracelet is made of Lava Stone. Lava stone is a strong protection stone to ward off negative energies. As we try to balance ourselves, it is very important not to take on the sometimes conflicting negative energy of others.

The Lava Stone can extend the life of your essential scents and allows you to carry your essential oils on the go.
Simply add 1-3 Drops of essential oils to the lava, rub in with your fingers and enjoy the subtle yet healing scent for days.

Boost the impact of these gemstones by adding the following essential oils onto the lava stones on this bracelet:

Clove – comforting and revitalizing

Black Pepper – fortifying, strengthening, an simulating.

Patchouli – relaxing, uplifting, sensual

Cedarwood – calms nervous tension, strengthens subtle energies