Please Identify which  description best relates to what you are currently looking in your career journey.

I have already established or am in the process of establishing my own business framework/identity. I am looking for a professionally furnished or unfurnished space where I can independently provide professional services to my own clients.

I am a licensed Registered Psychologist OR Provisional Psychologist in the province of Alberta. I am interested in contracting as a Service Provider, as a sole proprietor or an incorporated business, with Aspirations Inc. to provide quality psychological care to Aspirations Inc. clients. I have a varied appointment availability to offer clients in-person or virtual sessions, which includes some evenings and/or weekends. I can commit to respond to any received referrals within a 24 hour time period time to initiate contact, complete intake process, and book an initial session within 4 -7 clinical days. I am committed to learn Aspirations Inc. proprietary Aspire Practice management software to effectively track, monitor, and document all client transactions.

I am a licensed Registered Psychologist in the province of Alberta. I am serious about having a psychological career within the private business sector. I may be already well established or at the start of my business journey. I am looking for a long-term commitment. I have given serious thought to planning my ideal practice and understand the investment that would be required for my business plans to succeed. I am really ambitious to execute my plans and motivated to secure a place under Aspirations Inc. brand. I know the value of connecting to a well established company that has deep roots in the community and has demonstrated growth, innovation and vitality over its lifetime that can provide a turn-key business framework and proprietary software to support my business practices. Ideally, I want to be within a practice where I can be supported, as well as offer significantly to Aspirations Inc. brand. A safe place to explore business ideas that allow myself and others to openly embrace and grow a practice that is JOY-FUL and ABUNDANT.

I am a professional who is interested in learning from Dr. Lynne M. Kostiuk. Please check out her exclusive Psychologists in Business Services and Programs, which have been specifically designed for those who are considering starting, maintaining, or growing a psychological career within the private business sector. If you are in the process  of registering in the Province of Alberta, you may be interested in the Mentorship or Supervision options.   

Regrettably, Aspirations Inc. no longer offers training options for Students. Therefore, I would invite students to reconnect once provisional credentials have been obtained from the College of Alberta Psychologists or once fully registered as a Psychologist if you are ready and fully aligned to apply your psychological skills within a heart-based business framework.