Our Unfolding Story

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Hello, I am Dr. Lynne M. Kostiuk. It is a pleasure to have you visit our website. I hope that you have a chance to learn some of my story and how it has led to the formation and ongoing development of our family owned company,

Aspirations Inc. Counselling & Training Centre.

A Little Background to Set the Stage...

I have grown up with appreciation and understanding for entrepreneurship. My family ran a small local business in Northern Manitoba throughout my childhood. Throughout my own lifespan, I have had the tendency to explore how I could serve others with the skills and knowledge that I had acquired. I have developed a vast range of knowledge & skills spanning from academia (e.g., research, article writing, scale development, teaching, supervising, mentoring),  trades (e.g., electrical, building construction, stone/tile work, painting, decorating),  computing & business (software development, logo & website design, marketing, bookkeeping, business systems). I attribute the majority of my successes to my grounded - practical nature, ample curiosity, love of learning, truth seeking, ambition, determination and consistent perseverance of my goals. I have an innate nature to approach the world with a 'how can I' attitude, while examining the resources available to support any given current direction. I trust as I go forth in my creations. When I cannot trust, I pause and examine my distrust, then listen until I trust again. Through my own experiences, I have learned that forcing my way in any direction only interrupts the greatness that awaits. This approach is similar to how I continue to develop services and products for Aspirations Inc.

dr. lynne M. Kostiuk


I trust as I go forth in my creations. When I cannot trust, I pause and examine my distrust, then listen until I trust again.

Even prior to founding Aspirations Inc., my ambitions kept me highly engaged throughout my professional career. I have been involved in various research projects across Alberta, sustaining funds through grant and award writing, teaching graduate courses & supervising master's level counselling students at the University of Alberta, organizing (i.e., Sexual Addictions, Sensorimotor Therapy for Trauma, Sandtray Training) and attending various professional trainings. I served as a student and then a regular board member with Psychologists Association of Alberta for a total of five years.  I have been blessed with gaining a broad clinical knowledge base due to my clinical and research experiences at various sites such as hospitals & in-patient mental health units/hospitals across Alberta, UofA pediatric oncology ward, group homes, regional school boards, and the Education Clinic at University of Alberta. 

The entire time that I was fully engrossed in completing my graduate education and my amazing experiences in various locations, I knew that operating a business was the true direction for me. So, when the time came for me to consider my PhD intern location, I specifically sought out a private practice environment for my clinical training. It was the right decision for me. I had amazing supervisors, who also offered some mentorship in business. A couple of years later, this internship choice awarded me to an opportunity to become one the operating managers of the practice - to which I said "HELL YES" in accepting the offer! It was an exhilarating period of years. The experience was full of new learning filled with a range of emotional experiences while I expanded, took risks, hit walls and had moments of great accomplishment. All the while, volleying between feelings of tension/conflict,  confidence/pride and at times uncertainty, doubt and disappointment. Overall,  it was a satisfying time of great growth and discovery because it gave birth to TWO very foundational LOVES in my Life!

Lynne M. Kostiuk

It is important to say "YES" to opportunities that support your dreams.

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In October of 2007, I had found out that I was a vessel for a new life, I was pregnant! I was over the moon with this news!! My husband and I had been going through our own journey towards familyhood for 3 years at this point. However, this very positive news also brought me to 'pause.' Rather than forging ahead with everything that was filling my life, I considered how can I have it all? At the time, I was a managing partner in a psychological practice in which I was also maintaining a 3 day practice, completing my doctorate degree, and sitting on a professional board. Where was the space for family? It was within those few early months of reflection that led me to envision the foundational framework of Aspirations Inc. Counselling and Training Centre. From that point on, I began focusing consistent effort with trust towards its establishment. Aspirations Inc. was incorporated in May of 2008, my beautiful daughter was born in June of 2008, and the building to which our business is firmly rooted was acquired in March 2009. I have often equated the experience to giving birth to twins…as my attentions and efforts were in consistent demand from the needs required  from the infancy stages of both my business and my daughter, which were both equally valuable and important investments for me and my family.    

Dr. Lynne M. Kostiuk

I have often equated the experience to giving birth to twins…as my attentions and efforts were in consistent demand from the needs required from the infancy stages of both my business and my daughter, which were both equally valuable and important investments for me and my family.    

My Family at our Grand Opening Planting Ceremony in Summer of 2009

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Left/Back:Father in Law & Husband; Front: Me, my Mother holding my daughter

Aspirations Inc: A Bold Vision

I am delighted to say, that through all of the years that have passed and of the learnings along the way, I am still grounded in this path of business. From our eager beginnings when we located and created our beautiful office space, our continued success is rooted in maintaining an open, creative, and expansive vision in our service to others that blends leading edge opportunities while remaining integral to our professional ethics and values. Over our years in practice, we have offered valuable professional clinical training to Masters Students and Registered Provisional Psychologists who are in the process of becoming fully licensed Psychologists in Alberta. This dedication to training has been successful in growing talented Psychologists working in various capacities within the world. These wonderful people are backed with our full confidence in their dedication, clinical skills and judgment. My passion for training led me to go beyond clinical trainings to create a specialized Psychologists in Business (PiB) training program as a way for me to share my wisdom and skills to other professional Registered Psychologists, or those aspiring to become Registered. My PiB programs and services are aimed to support professionals who KNOW that business is also their true path and they want to live their business dreams to their fullest capacity. True to our holistic approach, Aspirations Inc. has progressively brought in the use of essential oils to support therapeutic processes. A full year of development launched our Aspiring Healthy & Whole Communities Initiative that marked our 10 year anniversary, complete with a new line of apparel in support of mental health awareness. Dr. Lynne M. Kostiuk was at the forefront of technology with a decade of dedicated development before launching her proprietary practice management software, Aspire Practice, in 2020. Our next level of system development has brought forth the launching of Aspirations Inc. Store, which will sell various wellness products, as well as our mental health branded apparel. AND WE ARE NOT DONE YET!

Our most recent developments has been infused with high levels of excitement, creativity and progressive thinking that has been demonstrated thus far to be launched soon!! We hope that you will you will be a part of it!?!  



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Writing this story gave me pause again. I typically look forward in my life. So, I am not always keeping track of my own progress on a larger scale. Taking the time to reflect upon the creation efforts that were necessary to bring Aspirations Inc. Counselling and Training Centre into existence, has humbled and wowed me. I am often surprised that my tendency to look forward shadows all the amazing progress and learning that I have been privileged to experience. Today I 'pause,' to acknowledge the abundance of opportunities that have bestowed upon me and I honor my efforts and experiences that have shaped me personally and professionally along the way. I am grateful for the growth & healing impact that has arisen from the existence of Aspirations Inc. not only for my family but for all of the individuals, couples, and families who we have had the honour of serving.   

Dr. Lynne M. Kostiuk

Aspirations Inc. is a business that draws upon all of my knowledge and skills, my strength, my spirituality, my creativity, my love and perseverance so that I can BE PRESENT for those who connect to Aspirations Inc. as part of their journey home to themselves.   

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Final Note from dr. lynne m. kostiuk

Thank you for taking the time to read about me and the creation of Aspirations Inc. Whether you are known to me, or one of our therapists, or newly acquainting yourself to myself or my company - know that I am honoured by your presence to our website. I hold light, love and peace for you and those you touch with the same.